Copper kettle


Between our orchards and vineyards also stands our long-serving distilling kettle.
A 300 liter raw distillate boiler and a 200 liter fine distillate boiler made of pure copper,
which has a decisive influence on the quality of good brandies.
A catalytic effect develops when hot steam is encountered,
and undesirable substances are bound in the mash.
Copper is resistant to fruit acids and it is the best heat conductor.

Short ways

High Proof "Heart" Distillation

Our fruits move from the fruit orchards on shortest ways into the fermentation cellar, where they are gently and temperature controlled fermented. For generations we have distilled twice according to old Styrian tradition. Only the high-proof "Heart" is removed and then matured in wood, glass or stainless steel. Pure fruit as distillate.