20 Hectare

Fruit farming

Our fruit orchards are located in the middle of Austria's largest fruit growing area,
of which fruits are exclusively processed in our distillery to distillates and liqueurs.br> Our East Styrian mountain island climate with its hot summer days and cool nights is the reason,
why distillers from all over the world get their fruit from here.
This is exactly where the special quality of our products is created!

Surrounded by 24 Hectare Forrest

Type of cultivation

In the care of our fruit cultures we pay attention to biological cycles, the preservation of biodiversity and the conservation of resources. We live in the middle of our orchards and take care that the natural antagonists of pest are promoted (ladybirds, predatory mites, ants, etc.). Birds of prey (perches) and weasels (piles of stones at the edge of the forest) help us to reduce the number of voles. And when mowing we leave the grass lying around to close the nutrient cycle, improve the humus content and thus contribute to soil conservation.

  • Apricots

    Hungarian Best, Bergeron, Goldrich and Pinkcot

  • Pears

    Williams Christbirne, Hirschbirne, Gute Luise, Packhams, Mostbirnen

  • Old Apple species

    Kronprinz Rudolf, Steirischer Marschanzker, Bohnapfel, Schafsnase, Krummstiel

  • Rowanberries

    Mährische Vogelbeere

  • Plums

    Hauszwetschken, Bosnische

  • Elderberries


  • Walnuts

  • Chestnuts