The „Rossbach“ in our forrest – where Crayfish cavort

Fresh and Clear

Spring water

The water for our products comes from our own well, which has been supplying the drinking water for our farm for generations. The well is located in the middle of the Rabenwaldkogel protection area and has particularly soft, very mineral and fresh water. The special mineral content and the good taste of the water contribute to the quality of our products.

Surrounded by

Forest and Sun

We obtain many flavours for our products from our own forest. From larch and fir plums, herbs and wild fruits, such as blackberries and wild raspberries, to roots and mushrooms. We process everything that nature offers us each year. Wood from our own forests is also a source of energy in the form of wood chips and logs for heating our farm. With our photovoltaic system (150 kW) we produce green electricity and deliver it into the public grid and at the same time covers it a large part of our own electricity requirements.