The origin


In 1542, "Hans Hedl" was managing the Hödl farm. He would have been happy if he had known that these gins would be dedicated to him. And as authentic as the first documented reference of his farm, these 15-Botanicals gin´s are the the tasteful image of its forests and orchards, bottled in clay these gin´s can be matured und used over years. An intense and spicy "London Dry Gin´s" with a mild 42 percent and Styrian attributes: solid character, dry and complex.

Drinking Temperature
8 - 22 °C
How to drink
Pure, or as a Gin & Tonic
Alcohol Content
42,0 %
1542 Gin 
Vintage gin

INFECTED by the big worldwide "Gin-Theatre" we started looking for possible ingredients in our forests, orchards and herb garden a year ago. We wanted to bring only the spicy and juicy freshness, as it occurs in fresh herbs and flowers, resinous cones and full ripe fruits, into our Gins. So we waited a whole season for all our possible ingredients to ripen and macerated them with the purest wheat distillate.


INSPIRED by the quality of the ingredients that 2017 offered, a deep passion soon developed. Only the carefully selected juniper berries, orange peels/ and lemon peels are purchased in organic quality. All other botanicals grow here, and are a reflection of the climatic characteristics of each season.


DISTILLED in an old 300-l copper kettle, we remove the "heart" of the distillate (over 70% alcohol), which is only diluted to drinking strength with fresh spring water. 1542 is a pure gin distillate (no sugar, no additives), as our forefather "Hans Hedl" would have wanted. Bottled in old clay bottles, it can be matured for years to come.


1542 Discover our Gin
  • Cutted Juniper before maceration with neutral alcohol

  • Blue, dried lavender flowers

  • Fresh elderberry blossoms in wheat alcohol

  • Fresh rose petals in wheat alcohol

  • Sample distillation unit for testing all possible botanicals

  • Distilled on an old copper kettle

  • Original clay bottles for the best maturing of our gins

  • Old but very good level filler (1971)

  • Weighing of the contents (0,5 l GIN 42 % = 465,5 g)

  • Labelling

  • Sealing

  • Finished bottle 1542 GIN – Old Classic