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100% Destillat

The purest form of pleasure – a mirror of our nature!

Our premium brandies are a range of exquisite brandies that are produced annually in limited editions only. Pure fruit distillates that carry the uniqueness of every fruit season. Aged for several years in stainless steel tanks, glass balloons or oak barrels, they reach their full maturity. Each batch is unique.

Our brandies are made only from fresh and sweet fruits. The fruit sugar contained in the fruit is fermented in the mash and then carefully distilled so that the fruit's natural aroma is retained. The high percentage distillates are blended purely with fresh spring water from our in-house well after maturing and thus reduced to drinking strength.

Serving Temperature
18 - 20 °C
Glass Type
Alcohol Content
40,0 %

The often quoted "art of distilling" fades immediately if you do not have high-quality fruit at your disposal. In our orchards apricots, plums, Williams pears other pear varieties, rowan berries and many more ripen on the tree until they can be harvested. We harvest only fully ripened, the juiciest, softest and most highly aromatic fruits. Only these fruits can become a good distillate.


After harvesting, the fruits are processed as quickly as possible. Stone fruits (cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, etc.) are pitted and pumped into the fermentation tanks. The ripe pome fruits (apples, pears, quinces, etc.) are freed of stems and core. Berries (blackberries, blueberries, rowanberries, elderberries, etc.) have their combs, stems, panicles and green leaf parts removed by destemming. This means that only the flesh and the most aromatic peels are mashed and quickly pumped into the fermentation tanks. In the tanks they are fermented gently and slowly (natural yeasts processes the available fructose into alcohol).

In our distillery all fermented fruit mashes are distilled twice according to old Styrian tradition. The result of the first distillation process is the so-called first distillate. This has an alcohol content of approx. 20 - 30 % and is collected and then distilled for a second. In the second distillation, to so-called fine distillation, it is particularly important to distil slowly and gently to give the distillate a very special purity. The first part (pre-run) and the last part (post-run) of this distillation process are separated because it would not be very beneficial to the quality of the finished product. Only the "heart" of the distillate (the core) is taken out and is the basis for the emerging brandy. This has an alcohol content of approx. 60 - 80 % and now needs rest, which we grant it in our special brandy cellar. During processing it is decided where the distillate may be aged: in a glass balloon, in a special wooden barrel or in a stainless steel tank, where it is important that the distillate is aged for a minimum period of one year.

100 % Brandy Quality =
70 % Ripeness and Quality of Fruit
20 % Gentle Fermentation of the Mash
10 % Distillation

As with a good wine, the influence of sun, rain, soil, the special East Styrian mountain climate, the location of the orchards, can be recognized in a good brandy. Also, the different harvest years always create new and interesting differences from the same fruits.

It is a long, often tedious, but always fulfilling and inspiring way until we can present our brandies to you here.


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