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Schnaps like Whisky


A fruity assortment of distillates aged in wooden barrels, rounded off exclusively with a typage of natural ingredients. They captivate with their melting fruitiness and their powerful harmony. A tasteful reinterpretation of the classic Austrian Schnaps! Exquisite culinary delight in limited editions available only.

The simplest way to enjoy our Wooden Barrel Aged Schnaps is pure - in a classic brandy glass or in a stamperl (i.e. schnapsglas). But have you ever tried the schnaps in a solid whisky tumbler? Our Wooden Barrel Aged Schnaps range is perfect for this. We have even selected a glass of our own for you, in which our specialities can be enjoyed even better..

Try a pure Plum Wooden Barrel Aged Schnaps in our special glass. Or try our Stone Pine Barrel Aged with a little water. And those who like it can certainly order a Raspberry Barrel Aged on the rocks. You decide how it tastes best. You will discover a new world of pleasure.

Drinking Temperature
8 - 22 °C
Glass Type
Fasskellerglass, Whiskyglass, Tumbler, Edelbrandglass, Stamperl
Alcohol Content
38,0 %
3x Gold 2018 for our Stone Pine Wooden Barrel Aged Schnaps
3x Gold 2018 for our Hazelnut Wooden Barrel Aged Schnaps
Limited Edition
When you like Whisky, you like our Schnaps!

Only the best distillates are suitable for the production of our Wooden Barrel Aged range. Depending on the fruit, we use different barrels for maturing, because each wood naturally has a different taste. Oak barrels are used most frequently, but our local chestnut, mulberry or acacia also produce interesting tones. As with the maturing of good whiskeys, we also use used Spanish sherry barrels, Italian grappa barrels, Austrian white or red wine barriques, or French cognac barrels. This is how we get the exquisite taste of the previous owner.

Our distillates are matured in our barrel cellar between six months and two years. When matured in new barrels, the aging time is the shortest because the barrels haven´t been in contact with any other distillate, and therefore leave a intense wood taste into the product. The older the barrel, the longer it takes to achieve the same effect.

When they have reached maturity, the individual schnaps are made ready to fill. Similar to the "dosage" of sparkling wine, we add a "typage" to our products, which makes our Wooden Barrel Aged Schnaps assortment so mild and fruity. The composition of these "typages" is of course strictly secret. However, these are exclusively natural ingredients, such as fruit juices, dried fruits, various extracts that we extract from our surrounding fruit cultures and forests


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