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    Schnaps Classics

Double Distillation

Schnaps from grandfathers' times

Traditional Schnaps classics in a 1.0 Liter bottle. A good "Schnapserl" is fruity-mild, pleasant in the stomach and can certainly be enjoyed in a shot glass.

For our ancestors and many farmers in the region, the time after the Christmas holidays were the best time to replenish the schnaps supplies at the farm as the right calmness for distilling schnaps was restored. Often neighbours gathered around the hot distil pot with a glass of cider, good bacon and a shot glass of freshly distilled schnaps. Here they exchanged the latest news and neighbourly relations were maintained.

Drinking Temperature
15 - 18 °C
Glass Type
Stamperl or Edelbrandglass
Alcohol Content
38,0 %
Also Leopold Figl (with great-grandfather Karl Dunst, 1952) was able to convince himself of the quality of our schnaps.
Grandfather Franz Dunst with the family at the apple harvest (1969)
But it was hard work: throughout the year firewood had to be cut and split for heating the distilling pot. The pot still had to be filled with heavy mash putts. The mash had to be constantly stirred by hand so that it couldn’t get burned, and heating the pot still was a science in its own right. The proverb "The good in the pot, the bad in the crop" has probably arisen from the plight of man in many a time. There were large differences in quality between the individual distillers. Who could afford it/wanted to process good fruits, had automatically the better schnaps.

„Teifl eini! Der oldi Stuarz rinnt scha wida. Trog umma di Puttn Zweyschbmgmoasch. Deis Luada is a scho wida aobrennt. Hoaz net so narrisch, sist reißts ins no ban Rachfaung aussi.“


This could have been a discussion at that time.


Our company still has an old "Maria Theresa's distilling right", which is well guarded. For centuries, the “Obstler” had its greatest significance. The word "Schnaps" comes from the Nieder- hochdeutschen language (Low Germans) and is related to the word "schnappen". In former times the schnaps was drunk from small glasses and drunk in one sip, before one stomped these again robustly on the table. The Austrian "Stamperl" will probably also have developed from this habit. Schnaps Classics are an old distilling tradition, which we are happy to continue. 


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