STONE - "The softest stone in the world"“

The Rabenwald treasure


The Rabenwaldkogel (1280 m) is the local mountain of the Hödl Hof. Our distillery is located directly at the foot of the mountain on which talc has been mined for centuries. Mining was and is the basis of existence for many families, and the feather white is part of life in the region. The thoughts about childhood are shaped by funny festivities of the Rabenwald works chapel, or by played schnapps cards that were reactivated with the talcum powder. Dance floors were sprinkled with the powder to get them going. As children we went on a treasure hunt and played with the stones. They felt pleasantly velvety-soft and soothing in the hand. The memory of this warm feeling was the motivation to deal with the mineral under our feet. This is exactly what we wanted to bring to our vodka.

Drinking temperature
8 - 22 °C
Enjoyment tip
Do not cool the bottles !! Our STONE vodka tastes best at room temperature on ice, or as a mixed drink.
40,0 %
The production

As with any good distillate, the most important thing is a mature and high-quality basic product. That is why selected winter wheat is crushed, mixed with water to a pulp and heated. When the mash cools down, the starch is converted into sugar. Then the yeast sugar is quickly fermented into alcohol.


The fermented mash is now distilled several times and with such a high percentage that it tastes neutral and, above all, is free of fusel oils so that there is no hangover.


After a resting period of several months, it is mixed with fresh spring water from our house fountain and reduced to drinking strength. Most vodkas are rounded off here with salt and sugar. STONE does not need this because it is naturally soft. It is pure wheat distillate and water (0.0 g sugar or other additives, and it also contains no talc.)

Our talc only plays its important role during the subsequent six months of ripening: in this phase it releases all of its energy to STONE, becoming incredibly velvety mild and neutral.

It is filled into fine bottles and closed with a neutral glass cork. This guarantees that it will not be disturbed by any foreign tastes until it is enjoyed and will continue to mature.

Talc stone process


The diverse soapstone occurs naturally in different colors: pure white, green-white or yellow-gray. The water-repellent magnesium silicate does not dissolve in anything, not even in alcohol. It is an organic food additive, allergen and gluten free, so absolutely harmless. It is edible and is not metabolized by the body. When tasting the ground stones it has been shown that its properties are also reflected in the taste: neutral, mineral, sandy, mouth-filling, it looks sweet, but it is not.


We made countless attempts with it, with a wide variety of applications. We experimented for six months and he presented us with almost impossible problems. We already wanted to give up. By a lucky coincidence, we realized how to use the right stone in such a way that it releases all of its energy into our vodka. The softest stone in the world actually makes STONE one of the softest vodkas in the world. Our local mountain has revealed a secret that makes our STONE unique. Please understand that we have to refrain from a detailed description of the procedure due to the increased risk of counterfeiting.



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